Chinese traditional painting



The artist

Born in Liaoning, China in 1949.
Defu Guo comes from a family of Chinese artists: painters and sculptors for 4 generations in Manchuria. Guo is considered one of the main representatives of the school of “Confucius painters”, who specialize in paintings of the life of the great philosopher Confucius. He is also a member of the China Artists Association and the Cultural History Research Institute in Shenyang, Manchuria. M. Guo is renowned for his mastery of traditional Chinese painting, especially regarding the historical theme, landscapes, water, portraits and horses.

Honors and Publications

– Exhibition at the Cultural Center of China, Brussels
– Publication of 15 books of paintings and illustrations (first-level Chinese publishers, each drawing between 100,000 and 300,000 copies)
– Publication of the illustrated biography of the great thinkers: Confucius, and illustrated Biography of the great thinkers: Lao-Tzu, Talents Publishing (translated into several foreign languages, French and English, on sale in France)

– “Xuanzang to the path of the journey”, which is characterized by fine features and careful attention to detail, has been integrated into the collection of the Chinese National Fine Arts

– “The History of Shengjing” 2nd prize of the 10th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Beijing, China. Permanent Collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

– “Pu Songling invites his friends to a banquet” Sino-Japanese Fine Arts Exhibition Award
– “At the foot of the Mountain of Changbai” 1st Prize of the Exhibition of the Fine Arts of the North, Shenyang, China

– «Singing Competition» National Exhibition of Fine Arts Awards, Beijing, China

– “Road Inspectors” National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Defu Guo will exhibit his personal arts in Paris for the first time.

Defu Guo’s personal exhibition will take place between 19 May and 21 July 2017 at the Galeries du Diamant, 33 Rue du Mogador, 75009, Paris (Métro Trinité).

This exhibition allows us to discover many facets of the talents of Defu Guo. Born in the same year as the Chinese Republic, bathed in culture and oriental wisdoms since childhood, he is one of the great representatives of both the art of ink and the traditional values of Chinese philosophy. Through his works he takes us on a journey through time, to the harmonious worlds of the great Chinese philosophers where nature lives in peace with men and where beauty demonstrates itself on a spiritual dimension.

His works bring more than the simple pleasure of contemplation. Through the admiration of life and nature, Mr. Guo sets out everyday things that he transforms into daydreams in a Zen universe, with its own artistic and philosophical codes.